Why Choose Guardino Financial Group ? 

A CFP® Practitioner is bound by the Rules of Conduct of the CFP® Board of Governors to put his client’s interests above his own and to provide his financial planning services as a fiduciary – or acting in the best interest of his financial planning clients. 

Is your Financial Advisor, Financial Planner, Mortgage Professional, or Insurance agent obligated to act as a fiduciary to you ?  Only a CFP® Practitioner is under this burden of duty. 

Sal Guardino, CFP® gives you 360 degrees of financial services and advice.  He is a Mortgage Loan Consultant, Insurance Agent, and Certified Financial Planner™. 

Since all of these financial services are sibilant with one another, why not have a Financial Advisor that is trained, licensed, and/or certified with them all to give you 360 degrees of service bandwidth ?