Why get a mortgage from someone that will only provide you with a mortgage ? 

Why not get your mortgage AND a financial plan with a budget and a state of the art financial planning system to go along with it ?  This way you can purchase or refinance your home or investment property with the confidence that you are prepared to handle the financial responsibilities and know in advance what you can and cannot afford.

With Sal Guardino and his affiliation with C2 Financial, Inc. you will get just that:

  • A mortgage at a competitive interest rate
  • A financial Plan with a budget you were actively part of in creating but doing so with professional assistance
  • A Personal Financial Web Site that passively tracks your progress with your financial plan and budget every day

Click on the image above to view Mortgage Process Chart

For my mortgage web site, CLICK HERE where you will find financial calculators, mortgage tools, and interest rates.  You can also apply for your mortgage online. 

All mortgage loans from Sal Guardino are completed via his affiliation with C2 Financial, Inc..  C2 Financial, Inc. is not owned by Sal Guardino and all planning and insurance services are separate and not done in connection with C2 Financial, Inc. 

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